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Pacho's Map

Jean-Raymond Pacho (1794-1829) was a French explorer who in 1827 published his book (followed by a second atlas volume in 1829) Relation d’un Voyage dans La Marmarique, La Cyrénaïque, et les Oasis d’Audjelah et de Maradèh [Relation of a Journey through Marmarica, Cyrenaica, and the Oases of Audjelah and Maradeh], at Paris. The book was ‘published under the auspices of the Minster of the Interior’, and hence was viewed with considerable official favour. (See the pdf of the title page of the volume.) Marmarica is an ancient name for the Mediterranean coastal regions between Cyrene and Egypt. The Foundation has an original of Pacho’s map of Eastern Libya and Western Egypt, reaching as far as Alexandria and Rosetta in the Egyptian Delta, and extending as far west as the bottom of the eastern side of the Gulf of Sirte. This is now made available here as an image with magnifying software (keep clicking and it gets larger and larger), and also as a pdf download. The map includes rare maps of four Libyan oases in considerable detail. The region of the Oasis of Siwa is also shown in detail, under the name of Syouah. Interesting details emerge from this early map, such as an indication of the Mataleb Ruins east of the Oasis of Bahariyah. Locations of springs are carefully mapped along desert routes. This rare old map is extremely valuable in showing the state of things at the early date of 1826, before any modern development had taken place.

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Maps of Egypt and Libya

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) map of Egypt, 1967.

Central Inteligence Agency map of Egypt. Area compared to USA
Central Inteligence Agency map showing population densities of Egypt, 1966
Central Inteligence Agency map showing economic activity and resources, 1967
Map of the North Delta, George Daressy
A colour map of Egypt drawn and engraved by I. Dower. Late 19th century

Folding map at the back of Giuseppe Haimann, Cirenaica Rome, 1882 (in Italian).

Méhier de Mathuisieulx’s map of his travels round Libya. Late 19th century.
Egypt northwards from Herakleopolis. John A. Wilson, 1955.
A map of Lower Egypt (the Delta), 19th century.

Map showing Siwa, C. Dalrymple Belgrave, 1923.

Wadi Natrun of the Western Desert of Egypt

Folding plate from pamphlet ‘Map of the Peninsula of Sinai’ by Rev. F. W. Holland, from the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, Vol. 38, 1869, pp. 342-6 (and see pp. 237 ff. for Holland’s Memoir). This is a particularly useful topographical map of the Southern Sinai.

Cover of Rougé's book Géographie Ancienne de la Basse-Égypte, 1890.

Rougé's Map of the Twenty Nomes of Lower Egypt, 1890.